Entrepreneurs and Government

Small businesses have become increasingly pessimistic ever since the 2008 bailout. For good reason since the purpose of that bailout was to rescue the big and the cost of that (in a world with no such thing as a free lunch) was to kill the small. Unfortunately, it is really boring to show the effects of this via statistics. So how about an anecdote — about a 7 year old girl — with a lemonade stand. A perfect minnow.

Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate

Your stimulus tax money at work — creating jobs for state bureaucrats and all sorts of other hopeychange to believe in. This now ensures that we won’t have anything that looks like the “Great Depression” in future — because government has now found a way to prevent all those hideous things like people selling apples (health violation inspections) and matchbooks (potential terrorist weaponry) on street corners.


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