Weekly Currency

Only changes this week are that the yen may be topping out or weakening for now. The Can$ is now strengthening and a cash hold. Also the US$ is oversold and could bounce against many currencies. Or it could continue weak. I still prefer almost everything but the dollar for now. The “high hurdle” currency to use for investments is gold/yen for long-term charts and pound/euro for short-term.

Currency ETF Mo % Overall Score ST Overbought/sold Alpha Beta Strong/Weak
AUS $ FXA 4.7% 81 Overbought 1% .62 Strong on Pullback
Pound FXB 6.0% 81 Overbought -2% .24 Strong on Pullback
CAN $ FXC 0.6% 80 OK 0% .47 Strengthening
Euro FXE 5.1% 80 OK -4% .26 Strong
Swiss Franc FXF 1.7% 82 OK 1% .18 Strong
Yen FXY 3.8% 53 OK 6% -.25 Weakening
Gold GLD/IAU -0.4% -14 Overbought 9% .24 Weak
US $ None -4.5% 0 Oversold 0 0 Weak

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