I really really don’t like ETF’s. They combine all the worst of big dumb indexes, high fees, and serving the interests of Wall St. They don’t even provide liquidity – as you can see by looking at their charts on “flash crash” day. But for foreign exposure (as for commodities and currencies), they are all that is really available. Here are the ones I’m gonna track. Some real gaps here. Individual stocks really are best but it is going to be increasingly difficult for Americans to buy foreign stocks. They are increasingly refusing to list here because we aren’t capital providers, we are just consumers.
Note: This is the worst time for me to introduce a stock ETF list with markets overbought nearly everywhere around the globe. And thus ripe for a panic attack. But since it’s impossible to know when/if that will happen, need to know which ones are “safer” for toe-dipping.

Area ETF Mo % v Local v US$ Alpha Beta Score Rating
For SmCap VSS/SCHC 6.9% Overbot Overbot 1% 1.2 82 Wait
Div Emg Mkt EEM 5.3% OK OK 1% 1.35 82 Buy
BRIC LgCap EEB 5.0% Overbot Overbot 1% 1.37 82 Wait
Devlpd Asia EPP 6.9% OK OK 0 1.36 82 Buy
Japan EWJ 2.7% Poor OK -3% .64 80 Yen better
Japan SmCap DFJ 0.3% Poor OK -2% .53 80 Yen better
China SmCap HAO 6.6% OK OK 0 1.22 82 Buy
Eurozone EZU 9.3% OK Overbot -6% 1.5 82 Euro better
Germany EWG 9.3 OK Overbot -2% 1.26 82 Wait
France EWQ 10.3 OK Overbot -5% 1.5 82 Euro better
Switzerland EWL 3.5% OK Overbot 0 1.07 82 Franc better
UK EWU 10.7 OK Overbot -1% 1.19 82 Pound better
Canada EWC 2.6% OK OK 1% 1.16 80 Buy
Mexico EWW 3.7% OK OK 3% 1.24 81 Buy
Brazil SmCap BRF 7.5% Overbot OK 9% 1.41 84 Buy

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